Our Story

Like many brands in the Health and Wellness market our, Cibedium® brand was born as a result of extensive research to find Natural solutions to several personal health issues.  As a 62 year old man with Diabetes, Arthritis, Sleep Disorders, Hyperlipidemia, Depression and Anxiety, I was required to take a multitude of medications to help maintain a “normal” life with some relative health.  Unfortunately, Diabetes causes kidney damage; among other not so pleasant health issues and the medications I was prescribed to help with my other issues also cause kidney and liver damage. Let me see if I understand this, let’s take medications that do more damage to your system than the disease itself in order to compound your problems while we treat your disease.  Somehow, this scenario serves no one more than the pharmaceutical companies.

As I conducted my search I found CBD to be a possible solution to some of my health issues.  Once I identified CBD as a viable candidate, I dove into the online world of CBD which is extensive and confusing.  As I researched, I recognized that there were too many sellers in the space that were selling products that did not have any CBD in them at all, sold under the banner of Hemp Oil or Hemp Extract, it was very confusing.  If they had any CBD at all, the dosage on the packaging did not match the 3rd party lab results, causing under dosing which leads to ineffective products and doubts about CBD itself as an efficacious agent to aid with your health issues. This is a disservice to consumers.   My issues are serious; therefore, I do expect a level of commitment to quality from my CBD supplier. 

These findings created a very high level of motivation to bring products to market that have a consistent level of high quality along with solid scientific evidence from the 3rd party labs that insure our customers are purchasing the product intended, please check the FAQ section under Why Cibediumin our website for further information. 

Cibedium® was founded with funding and operating experience from my brother who is a very successful entrepreneur and a firm believer in the CBD product line.  Like me, he and I and in fact my entire family share many of the same health issues, so we are all Cibedium® users. Together, our goal for the company is to offer our family of customers the best product possible at an affordable price point.   No slick marketing or outrages claims here, believe it, When Quality Matters, Cibedium®, is the answer.

As for my health improvements, I have been able to stop taking Diclofenac for arthritis, which is a medication that injures the liver; I’m happy to report that I’m not required to be at the doctor’s office for lab work every 3 months checking my liver enzymes any longer.  My insulin (Lantus) consumption has dropped to 50 units from 100 units per day and I am feeling more emotionally stable with a much improved level of focus, plus a good night’s sleep to boot. This was accomplished using our own products for a couple of months prior to launch.  It had to work for me before we offered it to our customers. I’m the guinea pig at Cibedium®.

Everyone’s body reacts differently, but, what if it works well for you? Can you afford not to try CBD? If you take a chance take it with Cibedium®, if CBD is for you the only way to know for sure is using a product that truly works not an imitation.

Thank you in advance for becoming a customer family member at Cibedium®.

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