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High-quality, full spectrum hemp oil CBD products to improve the quality of your life.

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Questions? We have answers.

We believe CBD should be accessible for everyone and we aim to make the education process as clear as possible.

From farming practices and manufacturing information, to the breakdown of benefits and the science that supports us, read the most frequently asked questions about Cibedium here.

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Responsibly made CBD products, produced with you in mind.

Our products are exclusively manufactured in facilities that follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to ensure the highest level of quality control. We’re committed to creating an honest, affordable line of health support products that are third-party tested for quality, sustainability, and transparency.


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A daily sidekick to help you get through the day, no matter what it brings.

Our products can be purchased once for first-time users who want to try the benefits of CBD, or as a monthly membership for those more experienced that want to use the best quality and service.

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Everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Cibedium cat and dog treats are health supplements that support your furry friend’s overall well being. Our pet treats can help relieve behavioral problems induced by anxiety, support cognitive functioning, and naturally aide pain management. All of our pet products are formulated with non-toxic pharmaceutical grade CBD and mimic your pet’s favorite snacks, making it easy to integrate Cibedium into their existing health regimen.


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“The discreet packaging is what did it for me. I can bring it around work and not feel judged”

Jess Z

“Super skeptical about it until I tried from a friend. Never going back. No more back pain is nice, too.”

Emily C

“No longer need coffee in the mornings. Seriously, it’s like a bad-habit replacer.”

Adam Key